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At College Board, I consulted with UX as head content strategist and led team auditing the content of 22 different websites and editing over 2,000 URLs, synthesizing into a new rebranded experience that transformed the large-scale Advanced Placement (AP) site.

Key Accomplishments:

• Spearheaded the overhaul of the new AP site, which included implementing a new editorial voice and collaborating with stakeholders to develop the content model for a new AP online experience.
• Improved the end-user interface for multiple audiences by combining 22 different sites to attract students, AP coordinators, teachers and administrators to AP’s online tools and applications.
• Increased efficiency and content discovery by assisting in the development of a new Content Management System (CMS) for the new Brand Experience.
• Prepared launch of new interactive exam practice resource and question bank.

Dive into the AP Experience Here:

Larry’s team was a vital player in the transformation of dozens of College Board websites. After conducting a massive audit of 35K+ URLs, analyzing our content for usefulness and quality, he led the synthesis of 22 different AP Program-related sites into a single experience. Working closely with subject matter experts, information architects, and interaction designers, he revised thousands of pages to improve their readability and findability. He is a strong and collegial collaborator who can play a wide variety of roles at any given time. – Executive Creative Director, College Board